what makes this event different?

The Honda Waterfront Run was created to help support local charities by providing a fun event where people come together for a cause.  This event is planned with charities as the beneficiaries.  All participants are encouraged to fund-raise or donate to local charities.  With out the help of the community these charities would not exist. Charities provide the volunteers to help make this event a success. Please help support a local charity by participating in the “challenges”.

Charity Participant Challenge & Fundraising Challenge

When you register, you will be able to choose which charity you are participating for or supporting.  You have the option of creating a fundraising page to help charities further. The top three charities with the largest number of supporters will receive additional donations. Participants do not need to fund-raise or donate to help support a charity.  

The charities with the largest number of fundraisers will also receive an additional donation. For charities to be eligible a charity must have minimum of five fundraisers with a minimum fundraising amount of $50 each. Donations made directly to an individual can be included in the calculation, but they will need to be verified.

For both challenges prize amounts are: 1st $500, 2nd $300 and 3rd $200.

Gym/Club Challenge

Show how awesome your Gym or Club is by participating together and support a local charity.   It's a win/win challenge.  Physical activity + cause = a healthy community!!   Make this event a community builder and show your spirit by wearing your gym/club apparel. The Gym or Club to have the most participants entered will help a local charity receive an additional donation of $500.00. 

If you’re a registered charity and would like to become a part of the Honda Waterfront Run please email info@multisportcanada.com for more details.